Video FX

Transitions and special effects are commonly used to add visual interest and a professional touch to movies created in Windows Movie Maker. While a number of effects, transitions and titles/credits were included in the more recent versions, one of the nice features of Movie Maker is the ability to create your own custon effects and transitions through the use of an xml file to modify the built-in effects and transitions. In addition, advanced users with some programmimg skills can build them from scratch using C++ and the Windows Media Transforms included in the Microsoft DirectX Media SDK.

A large number of custom effects and transitions have been developed by users as well as companies such as Adorage and Pixelan Software. This page attempts to identify free sources and materials related to the creation and use of custom effects and transitions in Movie Maker; it does not attempt to list any of the commercially available packages.

Due to the implementation differences between the Windows XP and Vista versions of Movie Maker, this page has a separate section devoted to each operating system.

Windows XP Versions

How to Create Your Own Sources:

Vista Versions

How to Create Your Own Sources:

Other Materials